QuickBooks Integration

Easily streamline your payroll processing by connecting your Telephone Timesheets account with QuickBooks.

Sync Information

Effortlessly synchronize crucial data between your Telephone Timesheets and QuickBooks accounts.

Import your employee, customer, and service item information from QuickBooks into Telephone Timesheets: Seamlessly transfer employee, customer, and service item details from QuickBooks into Telephone Timesheets, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Export your check-in/check-out transactions back to QuickBooks for fast and efficient payroll processing: Simplify your payroll workflow by exporting check-in and check-out transactions from Telephone Timesheets back to QuickBooks.

Minimize Errors: Integrating with QuickBooks eliminates manual data entry and reduces payroll errors.

Save Time: With all your Telephone Timesheet transactions conveniently accessible within QuickBooks, you can efficiently manage your entire payroll process from one central location.

Enhance your efficiency and accuracy in payroll processing with our seamless QuickBooks Integration. Ensure your financial data is synchronized, and errors are minimized, allowing you to save time and focus on what matters most—growing your business.

If you have any further requests or require additional adjustments, please feel free to let me know.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I use Telephone Timesheets daily to see where workers are and to send them messages (in the language they speak)."
- Ivan S
Clearwater Janitorial
"We love the tardy alert system"
- DBM Cleaning
"Huge money and time saver!"
- McFarland Janitorial

Flat Per User Pricing

Absolutely No Other Costs

$5 / mo / user

Lots of employees? Call or email to discuss volume discounts.


QuickBooks Integration is a feature that allows you to seamlessly connect your Telephone Timesheets account with QuickBooks, streamlining your payroll processing and minimizing data entry errors.

It works by importing essential data like employee, customer, and service item information from QuickBooks into Telephone Timesheets and exporting check-in/out transactions back to QuickBooks, enabling efficient payroll management.

By using QuickBooks Integration, you can save time, reduce errors, and manage your entire payroll process from one central location, enhancing your payroll efficiency and accuracy.

Yes, QuickBooks Integration is compatible with QuickBooks Online, offering seamless synchronization for online users.

Absolutely. You can tailor reports in order to meet your specific company needs, ensuring that your payroll data is presented exactly the way you want it.

Yes, your data security is a top priority. The integration is designed to keep your information safe and confidential throughout the synchronization process.