Security Guard

Time Tracking & Scheduling That Automatically Handles Daily Operations.

Security Guard

Experience seamless security guard management with our Security Guard Scheduling Software.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I use Telephone Timesheets daily to see where workers are and to send them messages (in the language they speak)."
- Ivan S
Clearwater Janitorial
"We love the tardy alert system"
- DBM Cleaning
"Huge money and time saver!"
- McFarland Janitorial

Designed for the security & protection industry.

Our Security Guard Monitoring System  is tailored to meet the unique needs of the security and protection industry.

Flat Per User Pricing

Absolutely No Other Costs

$5 / mo / user

Lots of employees? Call or email to discuss volume discounts.

Industry-Exclusive Services for Security Guard Dispatch Centers.

Elevate your security guard dispatch center with our industry-exclusive features.
  • Complete inbound & outbound call center functionality with call logging, recording, & transcription: Enhance communication and maintain a comprehensive record of all calls.
  • Real-time list view & map view of all ongoing jobs: Keep a close eye on ongoing security assignments with real-time list and map views.
  • Targeted & company-wide employee announcements by call & SMS: Keep your security team informed and engaged with personalized announcements via call and SMS.
  • Integrates with your in-house systems via Open API: Seamlessly connect our software with your in-house systems to streamline operations.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our security guard scheduling software streamlines operations by ensuring timely guard deployment, reducing scheduling conflicts, and enhancing overall security coverage.

Absolutely; our software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of systems through an open API, allowing for smooth communication with your existing infrastructure.

Our checkpoint system records notes, pictures, and GPS data, providing clients with a visual record of every shift, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Our software offers complete inbound and outbound call center functionality, real-time job tracking, targeted employee announcements, and seamless integration with in-house systems, making it a comprehensive solution for dispatch centers.