9/10 Security Guard Companies Get An F On Communication, Here’s Why

9/10 Security Guard Companies Get An F On Communications, Here’s Why Blog Main Image

Communications, internal and external, are a critical component of daily operations. Especially for companies with large mobile workforces (security, janitorial, etc.). Communications such as incoming client calls, incoming employee texts, outbound company-wide policy messages, urgent employee messages, and open shift offers, are necessary to maintain smooth daily operations and customer satisfaction.

Yet, most companies lack a comprehensive centralized system to handle this critical aspect of daily operations. In many cases, there is no system at all, and many rely on personal cell phones or desk phones to make and receive calls and texts. This can lead to overall inefficiencies and miscommunications, however, Telephone Timesheets offers a solution by providing a comprehensive communication feature that sets us apart from traditional time-tracking and scheduling platforms.

Does My Company Have Bad Communication? 

Many companies have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they may be one of those that doesn’t have top-tier communication. So, this then begs the question (literally) of; “How do I know if my business is bad at communication?” Luckily, this is a good place to get started. 

Question #1:  Can you read and listen to every phone call and every text message that happens as a part of your daily operations?  Anytime from any device?

Question #2:  Can you easily include relevant communications in every report you send to your customers for transparency and proof of value?

Question #3:  Do you use Artificial Intelligence to streamline and enhance your communications?  (e.g. send a text message to all employees who live within 50 miles of a job site, won’t have OT this week, and are licensed for concealed carry.  Can you easily send such a text?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen time and time again with the companies we work with who aren’t able to answer yes to any of these questions. However, all of the features included with Telephone Timesheet’s industry-changing communication feature will soon prove how quickly your company’s communication goes from bad to great in no time. 

Benefits Of Effective Internal Communication

Internal and centralized communication ensures that all team members have access to the same information and can communicate in real time, which enhances decision-making and reduces misunderstandings. These easy-to-view communication logs also conduct better job and employee coordination while aiding in maintaining consistent messaging. If that isn’t enough, it also enhances security by keeping sensitive information within a controlled environment and facilitates easier compliance with regulatory requirements.

One Place For Every Communication 

Telephone Timesheets’ service consolidates all communication into one place. This makes it so that all text and phone calls are accurately transcribed for all supervisors to access and review. Having the ability to track all inbound and outbound communications for employees, clients, and supervisors streamlines bottlenecked operations. Text messages can also be sent in the employee language, meaning no more miscommunication. Currently, we support Russian, Chinese, English, and Spanish. 

In addition to transcribing all communication efforts, our platform also makes it exportable with notes. Notes attached to these communication logs can allow you to give background information on the call or text, include additional facts, or simply put in the next steps to help with conflict resolution. Communications between employees and supervisors can also be attached to a time entry, making it helpful in knowing what job it’s for, the time frame, and extra details. 

Click to Call and Text

The ease of having click-to-call and click-to-text right in your time tracking and scheduling platform eliminates repetitive issues like, “Who has whose number?” and “How can I get a hold of this employee?” Now, you have all the phone numbers of the employees in your organization, giving you a digital phone book that supervisors also have access to.

Custom announcements are also a part of our communication feature, allowing specific messages to be attached to jobs. This way, when employees clock in, they get an automatic text message or voice recording reminding them about certain equipment they need to bring, specific tasks that need to be carried out during the job, or just a general reminder about the job site they’ll be working at. Enabling this helps take that extra load off a supervisor’s shoulders and gives employees the important details they need for that job. 

Quality Assurance and Accountability


A searchable database with all communication between supervisors and employees is an invaluable feature that Telephone Timesheets offers. Everything being transcribed and recorded gives room for transparency, accountability, and quality assurance within your company. We eliminate the problem of being kept in the dark and bring light to new solutions that only benefit your business. 

Running a business can be challenging, but effective communication doesn’t have to be. With Telephone Timesheets, you can simplify everything. Imagine having clear, open communication with your team in their preferred language, paired with a time-tracking and scheduling service that automates your daily operations. That’s what Telephone Timesheets offers.

Whether you prefer dispatchers to register directly on your Telephone Timesheets dashboard or have supervisors manage everything, we’ve got you covered. No matter the situation or problem, we’re here to make your life easier and your business run smoothly. With Telephone Timesheets, your business’s success is just a call away.


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